GMO’s Whole Foods Leading Way

GMO labeling: Will grocery chains decide the issue? We owe Whole Food a big thanks for requiring labeling of GMO’s in their store. This article in Delicious Living tells of the long term benefits for us the consumer in that decision. Other stores will need to follow or give up customers to Whole … [Read more...]

GMOs and Baby Formula

Pressure mounts to oust GMOs from infant formula Do we really want to be experimenting on our children? The above article in Engredea reports that Abbott Laboratories shareholders will be voting on a policy of sourcing GMO free materials for infant formulas. We certainly don’t want our children … [Read more...]

New National GMO Bill

National GMO labeling bill introduced Great news in the article above from New Hope about GMO’s for those of use who’ve been hoping for national legislation on GMO labeling. We had hoped for a common sense bill to let us know if GMO’s are in our foods. The consumers are demanding to have it on the … [Read more...]

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