The Wonders of Coconut Oil

The Many Wonders of Coconut Oil


When it comes to beauty benefits, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more power-packed option than virgin coconut oil (VCO). That’s because the coconut’s unique chemical compounds allow it to quell a whole slew of skin issues. No one knows this better than the brand founders (and sisters!) at VMV Hypoallergenics, CC Verallo Rowell and Laura Verallo Bertotto. They grew up with a mother, dermatologist-dermatopathologist Dr. Vermèn Verallo-Rowell, who used coconut oil for just about everything. (They claim she uses coconut oil like the father uses Windex in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”) Today, the brand produces their own virgin coconut oil, extracted from coconuts grown on their organic farm in the Philippines.


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