Cleanse Now and Look Great For Summer: TruCleanse

TruCleanse: Unique Complete 10 Day-3 Part Program.

By Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, Professional Herbalist/Nutritionist for Nature’s Answer

As our environment and food become increasingly saturated with pollutants and chemicals, the body’s mechanisms for elimination of toxins can’t keep up with the chemical deluge. The organs involved in detoxification include the intestines, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, connective tissue, and respiratory system. Detox therapies support these organs and help them to remove toxins from the body. 

Specific nutrients that have been recognized for their ability to support the detoxification actions of the liver, kidney, bladder, colon, skin include liver detoxifying herbs such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Burdock and Barberry, parasite protectors such as black walnut, and tonics like heart healthy hawthorn, foti and ashwaganda. Look for amino acids that up-regulate the liver in terms of its ability to breakdown toxic compounds, including glycine, glutamine, methionine and N-Acetyl-Cysteine. When you read the ingredients on a Fiber blend, look for Chia and Flax, since these seeds act as a cleansing bulking agent, as well as providing health Omega 3 oils. Magnesium sulfate, also known as “Epson Salt” has a long history of use as a gentle laxative, and helps to swiftly ‘bubble-clean’ the colon. Commit to 10 days of healthy eating, happy thinking and a detoxification protocol-



 • White Bentonite Clay Helps Deactivate Toxins in the Body.

• Proprietary Blend Detoxifies and Filters Waste.

• Restorative Amino Acid- Botanical Complex.

• Fiber Stimulating Blend with Chia & Flax ( no psyllium)

• Safe, Simple, Fast and Effective.


Tru Cleanse Bentonite Clay

Bentonite is a volcanic clay rich in naturally occurring minerals. It has been used since ancient times.  This clay was ground into a fine powder, mixed into water and used as a “cleansing” drink by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Tru Cleanse Bentonite features the purest form of U.S.P. Grade montmorillonite, which is blended with Nature’s Answer’s own super purified water, into a ready to use colloidal gel. Tru Cleanse is processed and  packed in glass, like all of Nature’s Answer quality liquid products, to maintain freshness and avoid plastic leeching.

Now you can use the same earthy ingredient in your own home. Nature’s Answer Tru Cleanse Pure White Bentonite Clay Helps draw toxins from the body.

 Instructions, supplement fact box


Fiber Chia Plus

This formula offers the perfect high fiber blend of Chia meal and Flax seed, both rich in Omega 3 oils, along with traditional demulcent (soothing) herbs and mild laxatives. Magnesium sulfate acts swiftly to ‘bubble clean’ the colon!

Chia was cultivated by the ancient aztecs, and was considered a ‘power food’. Chia is one of the best plant sources of beneficial Omega 3 oils, especially a-linolenic acid (ALA), is  high in vitamins and minerals, and is an excellent source of high molecular weight soluble fiber. It contains many specific antioxidants, such as significant levels of antioxidants including caffeic acids, quercitin and flavonols.  Flax seed is also an ancient grain high in Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and other healthy plant derived omega 3 fatty acids. When mixed into a liquid, this combination forms a gelatinous mass due to its high content of beneficial mucilages. This slows the digestion of carbohydrates in the digestive system, leading to a feeling of fullness, and reduces the spike in blood sugar that often accompanies the ingestion of carbohydrates. Nature’s Answer Tru Cleanse Chia Fiber combines both of these great seeds into Chia Fiber Plus.


Nature’s Answer Liver Cleanser and Tonic Capsules

This exclusive formula includes Nature’s Answer’s proprietary herbal/amino acid blend, which includes specific nutrients that have been recognized for their ability to support the detoxification actions of the liver, kidney, bladder, colon, skin and other organs that help to filter toxic waste products from the body.

· Milk Thistle – Liver
· Dandelion – Liver, Bowel and Skin
· Black Walnut – Parasite
· Burdock – Bowel, Blood and Skin
· Fenugreek – Lymph
· Mullein – Lungs
· Fennel – Bowel
· Schizandra – Liver, Kidney
· Hawthorn – Circulation, Blood
· Red Clover – Lymph, Blood
· Barberry – Gall Bladder
· Ashwaganda – Lymph
· Foti – Kidney
· Betaine Hydrochloride- helps enzymes break down toxins
·  L-Glycine- amino acid- helps build healthy tissue
·  L-Glutamine- amino acid- supports digestive health and immune system
· L-Methionine- amino acid- helps liver break down fats
· N-Acetyl-Cysteine- amino acid – helps liver and kidney break down toxins

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