Ubiquinol to Help Manage Side Effects of Statin Drugs

Why Ubiquinol is one super nutrient that can help millions of Americans better manage the unwanted side effects of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs


September is Cholesterol Awareness Month and it’s important for Americans, especially those over 40, to take note of this national awareness campaign because so many in our country are largely uninformed about cholesterol, how it works, why it can be so damaging to our health, and even what the treatment options are. Moreover, for those who are informed about cholesterol treatment—and who may be taking statin medication to help lower their so-called “bad” cholesterol levels—they are unaware that there are simple, cost-effective, and safe ways, such as taking a ubiquinol supplement, to better manage the unwanted side effects of these drugs.


Read more info here: http://www.alternativemedicine.com/news-item/why-ubiquinol-one-super-nutrient-can-help-millions-americans-better-manage-unwanted-side-e


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