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Vitamins are essential to your body for good health and to make certain that your body is functioning well. It should be able to ward-off sickness and mend rightly.

Vitamin D as recent study shows is vital in stopping and serving a number of grave long term health cases. It is also a very important agent in making sure that the vital parts of your body such as lungs, heart, brain and muscles, function well and can battle any kind of infection.

Having your skin exposed to sunlight can create its own Vitamin D but your body can’t make other vitamins. You have to get vitamin D from the foods you eat or from food supplements and it has to be transformed by your body numerous times before it can be utilized. Even if you eat foods with minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorous but without sufficient vitamin D, you can’t take it in.

Vitamin D has a special characteristic also compared to other vitamins, wherein it changes into a hormone once your body has it. This hormone is called ‘ calcitriol” or otherwise called “ activated vitamin D”

A lack of vitamin D in your body which keeps it from being healthy is called vitamin D deficiency which sometimes causes a condition in children called rickets and osteomalacia in adults. Both of these conditions result to soft, thin and brittle bones. It has also been connected to other conditions like cancer, asthma, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, depression and autoimmune diseases like type I –diabetes, Crohns  and sclerosis.

The exposure of your bare skin to the sun and the quantity of vitamin D you get depends on the time of day, where you live, your skin color, and the amount of skin exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is produced more during the middle of the day and if you are nearer the equator, vitamin D is easier to be had all year round. More skin exposure would mean more vitamin D for the body and if you have pale skin, it makes more vitamin D quicker than darker complexions.

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