Washing Your Face Every Night is a Must – Find Out Why

Be Honest: Do You Wash Your Face Every Night?


It’s quite understandable how we often forget to wash our face every night before we go to sleep. After a hectic day at work, it’s always so tempting to just throw yourself into the bed and go to sleep. But then again, do you know how much dirt your face collects all throughout the day? During the day, your face builds up a layer of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and sweat. When makeup is added, this creates a situation that can lead to clogged, dilated pores, breakouts and dull skin. This is why skin experts recommend washing your face every night so that the skin gets its chance to renew itself minus all the dirt that it has endured during the day. With this being said, washing your face every night is a must – no excuses at all!


Read more here: http://blog.doctoroz.com/oz-experts/be-honest-do-you-wash-your-face-every-night


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