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WebVitamins has been selling vitamins online since 1996. Having grown up in North Dakota, Dr Montague knew that many people didn’t have easy access to vitamins and other supplements. The internet clearly offered the most convenient way for people from many rural areas to shop for the products that they needed.

WebVitamins grew from one room in a house to its present large warehouse. We grew from carrying not quite 300 items to nearly 30,000 items. Our team has grown from one person working part time to many highly motivated workers.

From the very begining the people at WebVitamins have been concerned with environmental issues. We have always recycled our inbound boxes, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Early on we started using Geami paper to replace bubble wrap. Geami paper is biodegradable and doesn’t have the same negative impact on the environment as plastic bubbles. Over time we replaced all plastic based packing peanuts with the corn based peanuts which dissolve in water and don’t overburden landfills. To this day we recycle all inbound products, so you may see a variety of items used to pack your orders that we’ve recycled from inbound vendors.

WebVitamins is here to serve you, our customer, with our extensive product line and our knowledgeable staff.

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