Weight Loss and Green Tea

Green Tea for Weight Loss

In addition to the many potential health benefits that can result from drinking green tea, recent research suggests that consuming green tea may help fight obesity. According to studies conducted by scientists at Penn State University, drinking lots of green tea can boost weight loss, or at least slow weight gain.     

The Study

Mice were fed a high fat diet to make them obese and when they were given substantial quantities of green tea the weight gain slowed significantly.  The results suggest that green tea limits fat absorption and also increases the body’s ability to use fat effectively.

For humans to have the same amount of green tea compound that was used in the study, they would need to consume at least 10 cups of green tea every day.  However, other studies have found that drinking even one or two cups a day can have a positive effect on weight. 

While the green tea was effective in slowing weight gain in the obese mice, it did not seem to suppress appetite.  Green tea may help to limit weight gain and boost weight loss, but for those who are trying to lose weight, changes in diet and lifestyle will always be the most important factors. 

Benefits of Green Tea:

While green tea has been popular mainly because of its antioxidant properties, there are other health benefits that can be derived from green tea.  

  • Fights cancer
  • Assists weight loss
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Helps strengthen bones

For those who are looking to lose weight or at least slow weight gain, it may be beneficial to add green tea or a green tea supplement to the diet while making healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

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  1. Drinking green tea during meals helps me control my appetite. It prevents me from getting another serving of food.

  2. Green tea is a great drink with many health benefits. However I am too addicted to coffee and I can’t seem to drink as much green tea as I would like to.

  3. I love green tea especially at morning it gives a great feel of relaxation for a whole day.


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