What is the Best CoQ10?

CoQ10 – get the best there is!

By Guy Daniels

In everything in life, you’re subject to intense marketing, and in the field on natural medicine, it is certainly no different. As an expert in natural medicine, and having helped countless people, I can vouch for its value. With that said, there can be enormous differences in product quality.

There are products that are a total waste of your money, and there are well made products which can save or improve your life.

We all know about CoQ10. Many take it regularly. However, if you’re not “in the know” as I am, then you may be a victim of the triumph of marketing over science.

If you take dry powder CoQ10, I strongly recommend you discontinue, as the absorption rate is only about 1%. If you take one of many others, absorption will range from about 2-3+ % 

The best CoQ10 product in the market has an absorption rate of 8-10%, depending on the study referenced. So, even if the product is 50% more in price, you’re getting AT LEAST twice the absorption. So you could take 50 mg of QBEST and that would be like taking 125mg of the nano, lipid-complexed, water soluable, etc etc products on the market.

Get QBEST which is available in 50mg and 100mg from Thorne Research, the gold standard in supplement manufacturing.




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