What is the Number 1 Vet Brand for Joint Health?

Cosequin is the Number 1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand.

Glucosamine is as important to your pet’s health as it is to your health. However getting your pet to take their pills can be a big struggle. Cosequin the #1 veterinarian brand is now available in soft chews which make it easy for your dog to take their daily glucosamine as a treat.


  • 10-29 lbs.             1
  • 30-59                     2
  • 60-89                     3
  • 90-120                   4

Initial dosage is one higher than above for 30-120 lbs.

The product is tasty and maximum strength and works for dogs of all sizes.

You can save today using the coupon code SOFTCHEW in your cart and save 10% off Cosequin soft chews.

Offer Ends Sept 29 2011

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  1. I just checked the product label but it did not mention about how it tastes coz my dogs may not like it.

  2. I agree how hard it is to have my dog take his vitamins.. I might try this soft chews. I hope he likes it.

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