Why Your Oral Health is Important

Your Oral Health Matters More Than You Know


This past week the GLO Good team traveled from New York to Los Angeles to volunteer at Care Harbor LA, a massive healthcare clinic offering free medical, dental and vision care to the underserved. The clinic took over the LA Memorial Sports Arena for the span of four days, attracting countless people hopeful to receive the care they desperately needed. Hundreds of volunteers came together to bring help to thousands in need. We arrived early on day one, to a line wrapped far around the LA Sports Arena. These folks were no strangers to long lines, as each had already waited over 24 hours to receive a wristband for admission. The sun, which was just peeking above the horizon at this hour, served as a symbol of optimism and forward momentum.

 Find out more here: http://blog.doctoroz.com/oz-experts/your-oral-health-matters-more-than-you-know

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