Yea we are Number 17!

Americans are Last in the Race

We are on a list of 17 industrial nations and we are ranked dead last out of the 17 nations. We all know it isn’t military defense. We wouldn’t stand for that. It isn’t Olympic medal. We be embarrassed if it were Olympic medals. It is more important than medals it is our health care system. The latest health ranking has the USA number 17 out of 17 nations.

 Best Health Care in the World?

We’ve all heard that the USA has the best health care system in the world. If this were true would we be number 17?  Not everything is always as it seems. We must face the truth as a nation and realize that we are an UNHEALTHY society.

Our medical system isn’t perfect. Drug companies are continually on television selling the newest drug for a variety of conditions.  It isn’t for a shortage of pills that we are number 17. In fact we consume 80% of the world’s pain pills. We’ve seen prescription drug use increase and in spite of more prescription drugs we are still seeing our health rank plummet.

There is plenty of blame to go around however. I just read that one sugar drink a day increases diabetes risk 22%. Half of all Americans are drinking a soft drink a day. Look at our body fat percentages. The average American male has a BMI of 26.6. Consider that the cutoff for being overweight is 24.9. That means the average American male is overweight as is the average woman at 26.5.  Our country is getting fatter and fatter by the year. What has happened to the American diet to have Americas descend into an obese culture? We can look to fast food and convenience foods which offer up lots of calories with empty nutritional profiles.

Our sodium intake has increased dramatically and most of this is due to processed foods. There are parts of our country where over 50% of the males have high blood pressure. Again healthy foods appear to be the solution.

 Will our Children not Live as Long as We do?

How long can this continue? I just read that our children are not as healthy as we are. We are on the descending side of the bell shaped curve and we need to do something drastic to change it. We need a new healthy diet and exercise revolutions to gain back our pride and dignity in our health. We need to take control, eat right and get daily exercise to reverse this trend.

If we don’t want to do it for ourselves we need to do it for the next generation who may not be living as long as their parents. If we don’t change how will our children learn?


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