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Our organic passion...

20 years ago, people did not want organic.

10 years ago it was only for the conscientious forerunners of our society.

Now, things have changed.

Organic products, of all types, sell for a premium around the world, and rightly so. Organic produce is better tasting, more nutritous, more environmentally friendly, and has a noticeable absence of health depleting chemicals.

Who we work with...says a lot about us.

We sell only to registered businesses within the health food trade. Our customers consist of health food stores, herbal practitioners, naturopaths, and a few select family based distributors in USA, Puerto Rico, England, Taiwan, and Canada. Our distributors share our passion.

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Alfafa Peppermint $7.08 Celebration Herbals
Alfafa Peppermint 24 Bags
24 Servings
Alfalfa Leaf Tea 28% off retail $4.01 Celebration Herbals
Alfalfa Leaf Tea 24 Bags
Astragalus Root Tea 24 Bags 5.00 (1 reviews) $7.38 Celebration Herbals
Astragalus Root Tea 24 Bags
Bilberry Leaf 15% off retail $5.79 Celebration Herbals
Bilberry Leaf 24 Bags
24 Servings
Black Cohosh Tea 24 Bags $11.28 Celebration Herbals
Black Cohosh Tea 24 Bags
Black Tea Assam $6.58 Celebration Herbals
Black Tea Assam 24 Bags
Black Tea English Breakfast 27% off retail $3.82 Celebration Herbals
Black Tea English Breakfast 24 Bags
Black Tea Special Blend $6.08 Celebration Herbals
Black Tea Special Blend 24 Bags
Blackberry Leaf Tea $5.98 Celebration Herbals
Blackberry Leaf Tea 24 Bags
Burdock Root Tea $8.88 Celebration Herbals
Burdock Root Tea 24 Bags
Catnip Leaf Blossom Tea 3% off retail $5.38 Celebration Herbals
Catnip Leaf Blossom Tea 24 Bags
Chamomile Flowers Tea 17% off retail $4.98 Celebration Herbals
Chamomile Flowers Tea 24 Bags
Chickweed 27% off retail $5.57 Celebration Herbals
Chickweed 24 Bags
Citrus Soother $5.48 Celebration Herbals
Citrus Soother 24 Bags
Cornsilk Tea Caffeine Free 31% off retail $4.99 Celebration Herbals
Cornsilk Tea Caffeine Free 24 Bags
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