Welcome to Cococare Products, Inc. the source for the most exciting assortment of natural health and beauty aids. We utilize nature's purest ingredients such as cocoa butter, aloe and vitamin E to condition, moisturize and protect your skin from head to toe.

We invite you to learn more about our dynamic merchandise lines and innovative products. We offer a variety of lotions, creams and lip care treatments that will help you reach your most beautiful potential.

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Bar Soap Vitamin E 23% off retail $2.15 Cococare
Bar Soap Vitamin E 4 Ounces
Body Oil Cocoa Butter 32% off retail $4.19 Cococare
Body Oil Cocoa Butter 9 Ounces
Body Oil Vitamin E Antioxidant 8% off retail $7.38 Cococare
Body Oil Vitamin E Antioxidant 9 Ounces
Castor Oil 10% off retail $5.58 Cococare
Castor Oil 4 Ounces
Cocoa Butter Stick 36% off retail $1.27 Cococare
Cocoa Butter Stick 1 Ounces
Coconut Oil 100% Pure 4.50 (2 reviews) 34% off retail $3.08 Cococare
Coconut Oil 100% Pure 4 Ounces
Lotion 100% Shea Butter 36% off retail $5.59 Cococare
Lotion 100% Shea Butter 3.50 Ounces
Tea Tree Oil 100% 36% off retail $5.78 Cococare
Tea Tree Oil 100% 1 Ounces
Vitamin E Cream (12000 I.U.) 34% off retail $4.75 Cococare
Vitamin E Cream 4 Ounces
Vitamin E Oil 14000IU 20% off retail $3.98 Cococare
Vitamin E Oil 14000IU 0.50 Ounces