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Sulphur 6x

Homeopathy Sulphur

Homeopathic remedies are a popular form of alternative medicine. The single remedies are aimed to promote better health by supporting the body through a variety of ailments. The premise behind homeopathic medicine is to treat with like substances; that something that may cause a symptom in one person may help solve that symptom in another.

Sulphus is associated with nervous temperaments, congestions, sick headaches, hot flashes, sensations of burning, constipation, weak stomach, boils, skin infections, and more.

Products containing Homeopathy Sulphur

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Prid Drawing Salve 18 Grams
Sciatic-Aide 41% off retail $6.47 Boericke+Tafel
Sciatic-Aide 100 Tablets
Sulphur 6X 41% off retail $5.64 Hyland Homeopathics
Sulphur 6X 250 Tablets
62 Servings