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Shikai Salon believes natural botanicals are the most effective way to care for you hair and body. Shikai Salon is dedicated to providing you with the best formulas to nourish you hair and skin, bringing out your natural beauty. Shikai Salon has a selection of skin and hair care products to satisfy your health and beauty needs.

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Conditioner Tea Tree 10% off retail $8.05 $0.50 Shipping Fee Shikai
Conditioner Tea Tree 12 Ounces
Everyday Condition with Amla 21% off retail $39.66 $3.00 Shipping Fee Shikai
Everyday Condition with Amla 128 Ounces
Highlighting Conditioner 22% off retail $42.68 $3.00 Shipping Fee Shikai
Highlighting Conditioner 128 Ounces
Tea Tree Conditioner 8% off retail $50.48 Shikai
Tea Tree Conditioner 128 Ounces