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the brain bliss principle - our pledge to you

We believe human brains have the intrinsic right to blissfully grow, function and thrive. We also believe that when they do, people do. We call this The Brain Bliss Principle – consider it gray matter nirvana.

The Brain Bliss Principle isn't some vague concept conjured up in a boardroom; it's a tightly focused ideal that underlies everything we do here at Bonus Vitae. To us, the only way to reach Brain Bliss is by supplying brains with the daily fuel, support and nutrients that they need.

Although a diet chock-full of natural foods is essential for reaching Brain Bliss, unfortunately we realize this ideal is not achieved by all people, all the time. We strive to create products that bridge this gap – tasty products bursting with Neural Nutrients* that brains love – to help keep Brain Bliss within reach.

We know that your brain is just one segment of the vast interconnected highway of the human body. We have a head-to-toe commitment to quality and safety. Our premium quality dietary supplements avoid caffeine, allergens and artificial additives.

What we're really trying to say is: brains deserve to be happy and we just want to help make that happen.

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