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Medical Futures Inc.

Medical Futures Inc. is a niche pharmaceutical company that sells both pharmaceutical and natural therapeutic products into the gastrointestinal marketplace. Founded in 2000, this privately held company is dedicated to advancing the health of North Americans.

Medical Futures Inc. in-licenses products for the North American market. We are actively researching new products for a variety of gastrointestinal disease states. Our lead product is dietary supplementbeen shown to support a normal resting tone for the muscles of the stomach and intestines, which in turn promotes healthy gastrointestinal function.*. This novel product will be marketed by Medical Futures Inc. in North America and by partners in other parts of the world.

Medical Futures Inc. is a leader in providing clinically proven natural therapeutic agents to consumers and physicians. Iberogast, the lead product for Medical Futures Inc. has been used all over the world for over 40 years.

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