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Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis) is a member of the Simmondsiaceae family. The liquid Jojoba wax and oil are used for their nutritional and health benefits. Jojoba is native to the Sonora dessert of the United States and northwest Mexico. It is cultivated in India and Israel. The oil from Jojba has a pleasant taste and smell.

The oil that Jojoba seed yield is colorless and an emollient. Jojoba oil penetrates skin and skin oils easily. It helps to unclog hair follicles and prevent sebum build up. Jojoba also helps the moisturize and protect the skin. It has been used for chapped skin. In traditional Folk medicine, Jojoba was used for wound care, acne, and psoriasis. Jojoba is incorporated into many health and body products such as shampoo, lipstick, makeup, cleansing products, and hand and body lotions.

Jojoba can be taken orally as well as the wax passes through the body without being digested and is stored in the intestinal cells and the liver.

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