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Celmatis Vitalba

Clematis Vitalba

Clematis vitalba is commonly known as Traveler's Joy, or less frequently Old Man's Beard. Clematis vitalba is harvested for the leaves, which are used both fresh and dry. Traveler's Joy grow all over Europe. When the fresh leaves of the plant are cut or crushed a process occurs which turns the glycoside ranunculin into a severely irritating and pungent protoanemonin but this quickly diminishes into anemonine. This process does not happen when the leaves are dried as the ranunculin and the protanemonin are destroyed. Traveler's Joy has been used for males and for migraine headaches.

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Cautions Orally, Clematis vitalba may cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, which includes diarrhea and colic. There may also be irritation of the urniary tract. Topically, blisters and burns, that are difficult to heal, may appear.