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Vervain (Verbena officinalis) is commonly known by a variety of other names such as Verbena, Pigeon's grass, Holywort, Blue vervain, Enchanter's plant, Herb of Grace, Herb of the Cross, Simpler's Joy, and many more. Vervain is a member of the Verbenaceae family. Vervain originated in the Mediterranean but it is now cultivated worldwide, particularly in eastern Europe. The above ground parts of vervain are collected during flowering season and used medicinally. They contain the iridoid glycosides verbascoside (acetoside), verbenalin, and verbenin (aucubin). Vervain is being studied for possible antimicrobial, antiviral, analgesic, and antihypertensive activity. It has tradtitionally been used for kidny and lower urinary tract ailments. Vervain is a popular support of the respiratory tract, nerous and digetsive disorders. It has many other uses that have yet to be proven.

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