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Our staff here at Pacific BioLogic appreciates your customer loyalty. We remain committed to providing you with excellent products, service, and support. I would like to share with you the care and attention we put into all of our products.

All Pacific BioLogic Formulas are proprietary – We use only 100% natural and unadulterated herbs in all of our formulas, and never use any fillers or excipients. We encapsulate our concentrated herbal formulas in Kosher vegetarian capsules for easier digestion and assimilation (except for chewable?GI Tract: QueasEase and Cognicine tablets, and water soluble Grounded and Lipid Cleanse powder). Our orthomolecular products use only the highest quality nutraceuticals.

Pacific BioLogic herbal formulas are designed by Master Herbalists in accordance with the established principles of Traditional Medicine and backed by generations of experience and research. Pacific BioLogic brain chemistry formulas are based on cutting edge orthomolecular research backed by clinical experience.

Integrity is our Focus – Founded in 1980, Pacific BioLogic has built a solid reputation of producing superior quality herbal and nutraceutical formulas for the practitioner, and health-conscious patients seeking Gentle Healing solutions.

We Are Here To Help You - If you have any questions or comments, take advantage of our knowlegeable staff by sending an e-mail, or give us a phone call. No question is too minor.

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ArteClear: Blood Pressure 650 mg $29.95 Pacific Biologic
ArteClear: Blood Pressure 650 mg 90 VegiCaps
30 Servings
ArteClear: Cholesterol 750 mg $36.95 Pacific Biologic
ArteClear: Cholesterol 750 mg 90 VegiCaps
90 Servings
ArteClear: Circulation 2 535 mg $34.95 Pacific Biologic
ArteClear: Circulation 2 535 mg 120 VegiCaps
120 Servings
Attack 1 650 mg $27.95 Pacific Biologic
Attack 1 650 mg 90 VegiCaps
45 Servings
Attack 2 600 mg $27.95 Pacific Biologic
Attack 2 600 mg 90 VegiCaps
45 Servings
Bitter Melon 500 mg $22.95 Pacific Biologic
Bitter Melon 500 mg 100 Capsules
100 Servings
Body Specific: Hair 625 mg $24.95 Pacific Biologic
Body Specific: Hair 625 mg 90 VegiCaps
30 Servings
Calm & Clear $18.95 Pacific Biologic
Calm & Clear 60 VegiCaps
60 Servings
Cognicine $44.95 Pacific Biologic
Cognicine 120 VegiCaps
30 Servings
Complexion $31.95 Pacific Biologic
Complexion 120 VegiCaps
120 Servings
Cough $24.95 Pacific Biologic
Cough 90 VegiCaps
45 Servings
Diabet $28.95 Pacific Biologic
Diabet 90 VegiCaps
45 Servings
EstraSpecial $24.95 Pacific Biologic
EstraSpecial 90 VegiCaps
45 Servings
FemAbility $31.95 Pacific Biologic
FemAbility 120 VegiCaps
120 Servings
Female Tonic $29.95 Pacific Biologic
Female Tonic 90 VegiCaps
45 Servings
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