According to the Center for Disease Control, 80 million Americans suffer from Heartburn, Ulcers, Acid Reflux and Gastrointestinal problems. The Mucin lining that coats the entire digestive system is deficient, which allows gastric acid to penetrate the body.

To solve this, OTC medications have focused on blocking the production of acid to ease the pain. Without suffiicient acid production, the body is unable to digest food properly and vital nutrients are not absorbed.

Deprivation of nutrients causes malnutrition, brittle bones, Immune deficiency and heart problems. Since these medications do not provide immediate relief and need to be taken everyday, these life-threatening health issues compound daily.

By repairing the Mucin lining, the acid level returns to its healthy balance, allowing for the absorption of essential nutrients.

Once the Mucin lining is restored, the body no longer feels discomfort. Stomacin-U is a natural supplement made from a natural concentrated form of raw cabbage, which stimulates the production of Mucin. This provides the body with the tools it needs to repair itself. As a result, patients will experience relief from digestive disorders without creating additional health risks.

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