Yummy Earth

Who is YummyEarth?

We’re the two daddies that invented YummyEarth organic

lollipops. As big-time lollipop fans that wanted to share treats

with our boy and girl, Jonah and Rose, we couldn't find great

tasting candy anywhere that wasn't filled with chemical color

dyes, artificial flavors, and other garbage like high fructose

corn syrup. So we invented YummyEarth organic candy to

share with Jonah and Rose.

How did we make the best tasting lollipop ever?

YummyEarth tastes so much better than chemical candy

because we flood YummyEarth lollipops with a special blend

of natural fruit extracts for outrageous mouthwatering flavor.

Each flavor is handcrafted and taste tested by Jonah, Rose,

Rob and Sergio. We use ingredients like purple carrots and

red cabbage to simulate the blush of a berry or the pink flesh

of a watermelon instead of chemical color dyes.

We also leave out all the other yucky chemicals, pesticides

and artificial flavors found in regular "chemical candy"

to really let the Yummy Earth flavor shine.

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Drops Organic Cinnamon Stick 29% off retail $5.14 Yummy Earth
Drops Organic Cinnamon Stick 1 Pounds
Drops Organic Ginger Zest 29% off retail $4.54 Yummy Earth
Drops Organic Ginger Zest 6 Ounces
Drops Organic Hopscotch Butterscotch $6.48 Yummy Earth
Drops Organic Hopscotch Butterscotch 6 Ounces
11 Servings
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